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Two trees grew by a riverbank, shadowing the water with their wide leaves. Since sapling days they had grown in sight of each other, and were accustomed to being in the other's presence.

One day, the younger of the trees said "Brother, it is fine to stand here and feast upon the sunlight and the rain, but I feel less and less a tree now. You see those caves down the river brink; how lovely it would be to be one, back sun-warmed and belly cool, inviting into you all the beasts needing shelter and the beings seeking silence. How I wish I could be a cavern as well."

The older tree said "It might be nice, if you think so; to hear you speak I might think you were dangerously foolish, but we all have our own odd quirks. But you are not a cave, you are a tree; it is no use wishing to be what you cannot."

"That may be," the tree said, "but I do not believe the impossibility."

And that said the tree gave a mighty lurch and heaved its thick branches around; it spread its leaves in new directions, it intertwined its limbs, it bent its mighty trunk and thickened its bark all across its surface. It sent sap rolling down its bole to close gaps and harden adjoinments. Struggling against the wind and the natural curve of its sprigs it cupped the land and the air in its verdant grasp and grew foliage so lush that rain and sun and wind rolled off its back as they would roll off the strong faces of mountains.

And the young tree rustled its leaves, and felt its roots deep in the ground, and reveled in its form. "Look," it said, "I am as much a cave as the caves down the river brink, because I have chosen to be so. I have spilled my blood and bent my back in the taking of it, but I am what I want to be."

And the older tree could only stretch its limbs skyward in assent and say "Yes; for all I doubted once, there can be no doubt now. You have become what is in your heart."

I self-create.

I believe in self-creation.

I believe that we are neither doomed nor destined to live out life as we were born to it; we each have the capacity to change ourselves, the world around us, and the very threads of reality in some subtle yet indelible way.

I believe that the potential of any thinking being is limited not by the infirmities of flesh but by the twin reaches of resolve and desire. I believe that there is no insurmountable issue, no unsolvable quandary, no impossible endeavour. I believe that the world can be ours--will be ours--if we have the courage to reach out and grasp it.

I believe that the sum total of all outside influences cannot united have the power of one clear declaration that comes from within.

I believe that we are all authors of the Self--programmers, sculptors, surgeons and architects. I believe that we control who and what we are--that this human form we share cannot stop us from being dragons, being lions, being eagles or stallions or dolphins or mastiffs or men. I believe that we are at our fullest when we create ourselves in our own image. I believe that our greatest work will be our own lives, but we are called to lend our skills also to the creation and shaping of others.

I believe that none of this is impossible.

I believe that whether you accept this as metaphor or spirituality or religion or scientific proof, you cannot deny the forces which have forever transcended species without denying an integral part of life itself. I believe that human or gryphon or heron or worg, we have more in common than we have ever cared to see and more diversity than we have ever dreamed possible.

I believe that the way to exalt this world and its unfathomable majesty is not to subordinate ourselves to a faceless almighty but to suffuse ourselves with Being, to cultivate Self into a wondrous manyfaceted jewellike thing that adds to that majesty instead of being subsumed within it.

I believe that the world will be at the height of its potential when we walk among works of Self-Created art; when phoenixes will not be afraid to spread their wings, treekin will openly press themselves into sunbeams, tigers will roar, squirrels will climb, sphinxes will riddle, and storytellers will enchant without fear of being labeled deviant or laughable.

I believe that this is within our grasp, if we have the courage and the presence to take it.

If you, no matter your physical, racial, locational, financial, spiritual, sexual, affectional, or conceptional identity--or any other identity, for that matter--feel that there are no boundaries to Self and the expression of Self but the ones we imagine, I invite you to place the following link or this entry in its entirety into your journal, userinfo or both:



I personally like (in particular; it's all good) how the young tree does not have to relinquish all claims to "treeness" in becoming like a cave; it is not just transmuted into a cave but retains its living verdant presence; yet it still has the opportunity to create itself into whatever aspects of "caveness" it desires to be.

You make me feel happy for the world again.
Aha! A philosophy after my own heart. I am not, it may be fairly said, in that camp of thinking which holds that the mind's capacities are unlimited, and all we need to in order to accomplish anything is to 'believe in it'; but often enough it has seemed to me that we can get a very good deal more done when we are ignorant of what is 'supposed' to be possible, or have the strength of heart to dismiss it.

Self-creation, then... I have wondered if people often choose to forego such transformations as are within their reach, or to deny their possibility, because to act upon them would necessitate some degree of transformation of identity, in the bargain. Too dearly, I think, do many hold to their ideas of their True Self, accepting no mutability in the bargain.
Wonderful. :3 Linking, and memorifying. Hopefully between the two of us we'll start a trend.
That is incredible. Tell me you wrote it?
magistrate wrote it.
after the email conversation that we have been having, I am even more interested in it. And your entries too, Anra... They are very meaningful. I hope you will accept my adding you to my friends list.

I easily accept. Though I warn you not to expect similar attentions from Khor; he is often sullen in these matters and does not easily return affections.

It is good to know you.

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